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Nick Cannon talks "America's Got Talent," Mariah Carey

To say Nick Cannon is one of the busiest guys in the entertainment business is an understatement. The all-around entertainer is busy producing shows for Nickelodeon and Oxygen, writing children's books and making music. And he's about to kick off season 10 of "America's Got Talent," which premieres May 26 on NBC.

He's also working as a spokesperson for Snapple, helping to get the word out about the brand's #LoveSnapple campaign.

Read on for more on the upcoming season of "AGT" and how things are going after his split from Mariah Carey last year.

On new season of "America's Got Talent": "It's kinda like the most extreme season we've had. We've done a couple of things we've never done before. We've open our doors to international acts...They're taking people from the other 'Got Talents'...We've added extreme acts. So you're gonna see motorcycles and explosions. It's insane."

On his new children's poetry book, "Neon Aliens Ate My Homework": "I grew up loving Shel Silverstein and [it's great] having an opportunity to pay homage in the same vein. I've always written poetry and to be able to share it with a younger generation is a dream come true."

On his two children's reaction to the book: "They're like my test market. If they laugh and giggle then I'm doing it justice and doing the right thing. And as they grow I can continue to share these things with them. So it's kind of cool that dad can write fun poetry."

On being behind the camera: "That's the thing. That is what always intrigued me about this business is being a producer...You know, I started off a writer and then from there being able to produce television and film is something that always intrigued me and something I've really wanted from the beginning and to take seriously. My company NCredible has been established for quite a few years now and we've been producing for various different networks from NBC Universal to Nickelodeon to MTV, Viacom. So it's really an exciting time...and even as we get into the world of film. We're producing a lot of films as well."

On working with Snapple and the#LoveSnapple campaign: "People have a certain affinity for [Snapple] and it's become like a cornerstone in our culture. So it's just being able to share you stories and share your passion and share your favorite flavors."

On life after his split from Mariah Carey: "I'm continuing to do the same thing [take it one day at a time]. You know, I think instead of focusing you know what the media may say and all that it's ultimately the way everyone deals with family -- we put our children first...and focus on the right things instead of what others may glorify."

On whether he'll see Carey's Las Vegas show: "I can't wait to get over there. As soon as I get a break, I'll definitely check it out. But it's definitely sometime soon."

For more from Cannon, check out our interview in the video above.