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Nicholas Galitzine talks about transitioning from roles in historical dramas to starring in a modern romance

Actor Nicholas Galitzine on new series
Actor Nicholas Galitzine discusses new historical drama series "Mary and George" 04:47

Nicholas Galitzine's versatility shines through in his film roles. In the much-anticipated movie "The Idea of You," alongside Anne Hathaway, he portrays a young man involved in a romance with Hathaway's character, who is older. The film has garnered attention for its exploration of a romance bridging age gaps, yet Galitzine said the film is a deeper exploration of self-discovery.

"I think a wonderful movie about a woman turning 40 you know, rediscovering her sexual identity with this younger man. And I think it's a really interesting unique take," said Galitzine.

Transitioning from a contemporary setting to a historical drama, Galitzine also stars in "Mary and George," portraying George Villiers, a figure with a notorious legacy in the English court. Despite initially knowing "nothing at all" about Villiers, Galitzine was "blown away" by the character's rich history and influence.

"Most of what we include in the show is just true to history," said Galitzine.

The series delves into Villiers' intricate dynamics with his mother and his influential position as the Duke of Buckingham, weaving together a story of power, seduction and political intrigue.

To embody Villiers authentically, Galitzine had to learn new skills, from horseback riding to playing the viola da gamba, a historical musical instrument.

"The hardest thing I've ever had to do is play in front of a room of about 200 people trying not to laugh at me. You know, trying to be very elegant in my playing. I was not," he said.

Galitzine, whose acting career is growing after having a breakout performance in the film, "Red, White & Royal Blue," sees his career as an actor as a twist of fate after spending most of his life as an aspiring rugby player.

"I got injured multiple times, concussions, rotator cuff injuries. It's very serendipitous that the acting kind of happened really a few months after I stopped playing," he said. 

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