N.H. primary: What to expect from GOP contenders

Many pundits are saying the New Hampshire primary is the real start of finding this campaign's Republican presidential nominee.

But who will push to the top as this election season heats up?

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Dante Scala, associate professor of political science at the University of New Hampshire, said three candidates -- likely Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney -- will go to South Carolina "and maybe beyond."

Mitt Romney, in particular, Scala said, may have his moment in the state to step forward as the national frontrunner.

"Mitt Romney is first in New Hampshire all year long and he never stopped campaigning in this state since his narrow loss four years ago -- and almost eight years of work have been building to this moment."

But what about the other candidates -- how will they fare in the weeks and months ahead? See Scala's full analysis in the video above.