NFL prospect says team asked him if he likes girls

Nick Kasa, #44 of the Colorado Buffaloes, at Folsom Field on November 3, 2012 in Boulder, Colorado.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

An NFL hopeful said a football team asked him about his sexual preferences while they were vetting him for a professional team.

Nick Kasa, a tight end prospect from the University of Colorado, told ESPN Radio in Denver that one of the teams during the NFL Combine asked him if he liked girls.

"They ask you like, 'Do you have a girlfriend? Are you married? Do you like girls?" Kasa said, according to CBS Cleveland. "Those kids of things. It was kind of weird. But they would ask you with a straight face, and it's a pretty weird experience altogether."

Kasa did not say what team he was referring to, but on Wednesday he went on the Dan Patrick Show to clarify his comments.

"I don't think it was really a serious question they were asking me there," he said, according to "It was kind of more of just kidding around. I don't think it was an official question they really had to ask."

He added that coaches were trying to catch them off guard with off-the-wall questions, to test focus.

Kasa's comments come after Mike Florio, the editor of football news and rumor site, said that NFL managers and coaches were trying to find out whether Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o was gay after his fake girlfriend scandal.

"Here's the elephant in the room for teams, and it shouldn't matter, but we have to step aside from the rest of reality and walk into the unique industry that is the NFL," Floria said on the Dan Patrick Show.

"Teams want to know whether Manti Te'o is gay. They just want to know. They want to know because in an NFL locker room, it's a different world. It should be that way," Florio.