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NFL Awaits Elway's Decision

The chance to be the first quarterback to win three straight Super Bowls seems to be enticing John Elway back for a 17th season.

Before the playoffs, the 38-year-old Elway said he was "99 percent" sure he would retire. But after leading Denver to its second straight title, he may be wavering.

"I don't know what John's going to do," coach Mike Shanahan said Tuesday. "I don't think John knows what he's going to do. But the opportunity to try for a threepeat has made John rethink about retirement."

Wishful thinking?

Later, Shanahan was talking about the trade of Jeff Lewis, one of his young quarterbacks, to Carolina. "If John comes back, he would have been fourth on the depth chart. It would have been hard for him."

That might have been a hint.

Either way, expect to hear from Elway before April 5, when the Broncos begin preseason workouts.

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