New York Yankee Fantasy Baseball

Yankee stadium seats
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
We're spoiled here in New York, we Yankee fans. We expect the Yankees to be playing in the postseason, and for more than 10 years now they have delivered. The problem is we expect them to be playing all the way to the end.

All the way to the World Series.

They haven't gotten there in awhile, and that makes us restless. We're accustomed to baseball season lasting all the way to Halloween…not ending on Columbus Day.

Last night I kept looking at the television, thinking that somehow, just maybe, a Yankee game would miraculously appear. I kept going over to the set -- really, I did this -- checking TBS to see if perhaps I'd made a mistake. Perhaps I only thought the Yankees had been knocked out by the Indians, and that really -- no, really -- game five would be on. People in other major league cities don't think that way…they don't act that way.

There's a hole now in my calendar where the Yankees are supposed to be. What am I supposed to fill it with? The Arizona Diamondbacks? The Red Sox? I don't think so!

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