New York road-rage incident: Three NYPD cops took part in motorcycle ride

Black SUV driven by Alexian Lien, 33, is seen surrounded by motorcyclists who police say followed Lien and eventually pulled him from his car and beat him.

Updated at 3:41 p.m. ET

(CBS News) Multiple New York City police officers took part in a motorcycle ride in New York this week that led to a violent road-rage incident that saw a gang of motorcyclists attack a motorist with his wife and child in the car, CBS News' John Miller reports.

According to New York Police Department sources, whether either of the two new officers to step forward witnessed Sunday's incidents remains unclear, Miller reported Saturday afternoon. All three officers who have said that they took part in the motorcycle ride were off-duty.

Earlier, on "CBS This Morning: Saturday," CBS News reported that an undercover detective was riding with the group of bikers. Sources say he did not take part in the altercation with Alexian Lien and his wife, but he did not step in to stop the attack either, reportedly because he did not want to blow his cover.

The detective, who has not been identified, was not investigating the motorcycle group. He has retained a lawyer and is not talking to police.

Police are, however, questioning two suspects and trying to determine what charges, if any, will be brought against them.

Reginald Chance surrendered late Friday. The NYPD says he's the man seen on video hitting the SUV with his helmet.

Chance joins Robert Sims, who turned himself in earlier in the day. He's allegedly the man who was seen on video trying to open the door of the Range Rover after it slowed on the highway.

At that point, a series of 911 calls had already been made to police. The first was at 1:52 p.m., when Lien's wife told police that there was a large group of motorcycles driving recklessly.

In a second call at 1:53, she reported that their car was being hit by the bikers. She said she was in the car with her husband and 2-year-old daughter.

At 1:55, Lien himself called and gave police his current location. This is near where the door was pulled open.

At 2 p.m., the wife told 911 the windows were being smashed and her husband was being assaulted.

On Friday, the Range Rover was moved to the police precinct. Tires on the SUV were slashed. The driver's-side window was completely busted out. The passenger and rear windows were smashed.

Meanwhile, one of the bikers hit by the SUV continues to recuperate in the hospital.

On Friday, Edwin Mieses Jr. emerged from a coma and opened his eyes. His family held a press conference led by their attorney, Gloria Allred. She insists Mieses is an innocent victim who was trying to help.

"I know my son, and I know he is always ready to try to help people," Edwin Mieses Sr. told reporters. "Emotions got the best of several people last Sunday."

On Saturday morning, the NYPD announced that they were looking for at least one more suspect. Meanwhile, charges for the two men currently in custody are expected to be filed once they determine what specific roles those men had in the altercation.

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