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Thunderstorms extend flash flood warnings in New York, Pennsylvania

Flash flooding in N.Y., P.a.
Thunderstorms extend flash flood warnings in New York, Pennsylvania 01:49

HALLSTEAD, Pa. — New thunderstorms across the northeast kept flash flood warnings in New York and Pennsylvania in place Tuesday. It's been a record wet summer in the region, with more than 20 inches of rain soaking State College, Pennsylvania since June 1.

Dramatic video shows the severity of the flooding in upstate New York, as a swollen waterfall pounds traffic 50-feet below.

Heavy floodwaters have engulfed parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, washing out roadways, submerging vehicles and forcing water rescues. The water was so powerful in some towns in central Pennsylvania, it moved entire campers. Sheds and cars were tossed across neighborhoods and entire homes were destroyed.

In some areas, the flood waters rose so quickly they trapped people in their businesses, their homes, even a daycare. Rita Frailey was babysitting some children in her home in Halstead, Pennsylvania, when the floodwaters hit.

"I looked at the window and said, 'Oh, lord,' there is a stream coming through, we've got to get out of here.' By the time we grabbed the kids and got to the door, there was nowhere we could go," she said.

It's the third time her home was flooded in 12 years.  

"We would love to move somewhere else," Frailey said.

Much of the destruction has been caused by trees being knocked over and used like battering rams by the flood waters.

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