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New York hotel offers "Stranger Things" package

NEW YORK— A New York hotel is offering perhaps the most indulgent way to binge-watch "Stranger Things." Fans can opt for a special hotel package to celebrate the Friday release of season 2 of the show on Netflix. 

The Gregory Hotel in midtown Manhattan is offering a new "ex-stream-ly cozy package" for fans to watch every episode in hotel comfort.


WNBC-TV reports the room will offer streaming service via Google Chromecast to watch the season premiere. The room also comes with "Stranger Things"-themed room decorations and food, such as a light-up wall tapestry and Eleven's favorite snacks, Eggo waffles, though the hotel only offers one box, in contrast to Eleven's massive stockpile.

The hotel will offer a mug reading "Friends Don't Lie" — a famous line from the show — for guests to take home.

Booking rates start at $249 per night and will run through Aug. 30, 2018.

The cast and producers of "Stranger Things" remained pretty tight-lipped about season 2 to "CBS Sunday Morning," but they did offer a few hints. 

"There's more evil, yes. I'll say that," said co-creator Matt Duffer. "There's a greater evil."