New Wrinkles For Young Stars

This month's Detour magazine begins a new feature that's bound to raise some eyebrows even as it sags some eyes. Using an artist's imagination and computer wizardry, they've taken some hot Hollywood young-bloods and aged them 30 to 50 years.

"It's just one of those things that immediately grabs your attention and makes you think about aging," says Detour Editor-in-Chief Steve Garbarino.

At Smashbox Studios, President Michael Elins worked from actual photos of older models and from his imagination to make Leonardo Dicaprio older:

"I can grab wrinkles, patches of skin, almost like a skin graft, and apply them to his young face, but then it's a matter of lining it up to where his natural folds and the contour of his face would be," Elins says.

The images are created by guesswork, not science, and whether or not an actor will age gracefully in the magazine is up to the artist.

Detour says any star is fodder for their photographs.

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