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New Weapons For Women In Battle Vs. Sweat

The market's been flooded lately with products claiming they're tougher against sweat than the ones women are used to.

Allure magazine tested five of the new offerings.

Most contain some form of aluminum, an important ingredient in blocking sweat. The average antiperspirant has 14 -16 percent aluminum, while the new, "clinical strength" items average 19 - 20 percent, seeking to be more effective and last longer than the stuff that's been around awhile.

On The Early Show Wednesday, Allure Beauty Director Amy Keller reported on the results of her magazine's trials.

She told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez that, though the new products contain higher amounts of chemicals, "It's not really a concern. There've never been any definitive studies linking health products to deodorants."

The results:


A sweat-blocker for hands, hairline or feet available at most major department stores and online; a gel that works on hairlines, palms and feet

Treated area dry for three hours

Brief irritation, alcohol smell

Price: $23.00

Foot Petals Sweaty Foot Fragrance

This cream contains aluminum chlorohydrate, a version of the aluminum products used in antiperspirant. It's thought to reduce sweat and kill bacteria. This one is available at most major department stores.

Pleasant lavender & vanilla fragrance

No noticeable reduction in foot sweat

Price: $18.95

Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant

Boasts 20 percent aluminum zirconium (the highest allowed without a prescription) and 25 percent Dove moisturizers; available at all drugstores

Comfortable smooth feel

Did not last all day

Price: $8.99

Degree Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant

Pretty new to the market; doesn't contain real moisturizers, but does have some anti-irritant protection; available at drug stores

Lasted all day


Can leave white marks; chalky feel on application

Price: $7.99

Secret Flawless Antiperspirant

Has 19 percent of aluminum product to prevent sweating; new to the market; uses Febreeze technology to sense odor molecules and balance them


This one's "amazing"; leaves no white marks; effective at blocking sweat

Price: $4.99

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