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New Ways to Look at Computers

Flat panel displays are getting a lot of attention these days. LCD screens that are thin and light and can take the place of those big heavy computer monitors. If you see one, you'll want one. The barrier has been price. But now prices are nudging downward. Several manufacturers are offering flat panels for under a thousand dollars. Among them, Sceptre TechnologiesÂ…where Lani Brown saysÂ…

"What we've seen since their initial introduction and pretty much what we expect for the future is that the LCD flat panels will be much larger in size, thinner and also a lot cheaper. There are quite a few more competitors in the market now than initially. So that's going to definitely have an impact on the future."

They're still pricey for the average computer user, but the 14 and a half inch Sceptre flat panel with built in speakers is one of the best buys at the moment.

If money is no object, you might want to check out a new line of wearable computers from a company called Xybernaut Company head Edward NewmanÂ…says you wear the one and a half pound computer on your beltÂ…

"Designed for hands-free operation. You need the head mount display. We have a ten ounce VGA full color, head mount display that doesn't get in your way and you can use for things like doing inspection, maintenance, inventory, sorting."

Or just to look like some futuristic movie character. Prices start at about 65 hundred dollars. But it does look cool.

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