New Video Documents Al Qaeda Atrocities in Iraq

(Islamic Resistance Ansar Grouping)
"The Islamic Resistance Ansar Grouping" released a 2:44-minute trailer of its latest video entitled "Al Qaeda Has Passed Through Here."

The video unveils the atrocities perpetrated against Iraqis by al-Qaeda operatives in the village of "Fallahat" south of the Iraqi capital. The video depicts the devastation and the destruction caused by al Qaeda in this village, which had been controlled by the group for some time.

The video also showed Iranian-made weapons that were found in the safe houses used by the group operatives after they fled. The footage showed a hand grenade with the official Iranian state emblem engraved in it.

The video is expected to be distributed by the group within days.

"The Islamic Resistance Ansar Grouping" is a newly-established media outlet that serves as a propaganda machine for a number of Iraqi Sunni resistance groups, including Jaami, the Army of Al Mujahideen and the Islamic Army.