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New USB SparQ From SyQuest

More new devices using USB. USB stands for universal serial bus, small connectors on most new PCs and Apple's iMac, that allow you to, at long last, easily connect all kinds of things to your computer. What we're seeing now is the start of a revolution of sorts that should make using a computer a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating. The idea with USB is, you can simply plug something in and it works. SyQuest is coming out with a USB version of its SparQ drive. SyQuest's John Chun...

The benefit of the USB is that it's very, very simple to use. You don't have to open up the computer anymore, you don't have to install cards or if you're PC familiar, you don't have to mess with DMAs or IRQs, no switches to mess with. The device, physically, just plugs right in. It's hot pluggable if you want to use that term."

That means it can be attached and unattached with the computer still on. The USB SparQ drive holds a one gigabyte removable cartridge. One is included with the 249 dollar drive, that's about fifty dollars more than the parallel port or EIDE versions. What has really sparked sales is the 39 dollar price of additional cartridges. Three for 99. You can find more information at place orders at

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