New Tancredo Spot Warns Of Illegal Immigrants "Raping Kids"

Tom Tancredo's campaign announced today that it is running a new ad, "Consequences," in Iowa. Like the previous Tancredo ad, it stresses the dangers of illegal immigration.

"Mothers killed. Children executed. The tactics of vicious Central American gangs, now on U.S. soil," intones a voiceover in the ad. "Pushing drugs. Raping kids. Destroying lives. Thanks to gutless politicians who refuse to defend our borders. One man dares say what must be done. Secure the borders. Deport those who don't belong. Make sure they never come back."

Tancredo spokesman Alan Moore tells CBS News the campaign will "see what kind of reaction we get" before deciding how often to run the ad and whether to run it in other states. "It's not a one time thing at all," he says.

Moore said the point of the spot is to bring awareness about the effects of illegal immigration.

"When you don't know who's coming across your borders it's a very serious problem," says Field. "It's a lot of gang members, criminals, terrorists. That's not as well known as it needs to be."

Is he concerned that the campaign will be accused of fearmongering?

"They can call us whatever they want as long as the next president of the United States takes the necessary steps to secure our borders and enforce the laws of our nation," says Moore.