New Orleans mayor looks to halt the violence

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has binders filled with the names and stories of every person killed in the city's streets this year.
CBS News

(CBS News) NEW ORLEANS - On Tuesday, the federal government reached an agreement with the city of New Orleans in which it would transform that city's police department, known as the one of the most corrupt in the country.

New Orleans has also been impacted by violence, and its mayor, Mitch Landrieu, knows it very well. "'The message is for the most part is always the same," Landrieu recently told CBS News. "'Mr. Mayor, I hate to inform you. We found a young African-American male lying face down. He's got bullets either in the back of his head. He's dead. There are no witnesses.'"

New Orleans police getting sweeping overhaul

Landrieu has the story down pat because he's told it so many times. In his office, he keeps binders filled with the names and stories of every person killed on the streets of New Orleans this year.

"Two guys driving down the street. They saw somebody that they wanted, it happened to be a birthday party going on for a 9-year-old boy so they took out an AK-47 and started spraying the neighborhood. Unfortunately, one of the bullets hit Brianna Allen and blew her guts out and killed her."

Brianna was five, said Landrieu.

Watch the full interview with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu below: