New Notebooks to Replace Desktop PCs

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White House photo by Eric Draper
Replacing your desktop computer with a notebook. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. There's a new kind of computer buyer out there...who wants everything a desktop computer can do, in a machine that's transportable. IBM's Adalio Sanchez says the new mobile customers are individuals and not corporate buyers. That means they're spending their own money, not the company's. So IBM has created a whole new I series of Thinkpad computers with prices starting at under fifteen hundred dollars. But to replace a desktop, the notebooks need large, bright screens and be capable of running 3D games...

"We have instituted in all of these products, even at 1499, active matrix TFT technology in all products. In addition, the research also showed us that this customer segment also wants outstanding multimedia. So in order to meet that requirement, we have debuted a new speaker technology that basically channels all the audio directly to the user and has dynamic equalization. It also has the ability to play CDs, even while the machine is closed with some easy to use buttons in the front."

IBM says these buyers aren't looking for the trendy super-thin notebooks...

"What they want is full functionality, all in one simplicity with no compromises."

Portability, in this case, is not one of the top requirements.