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No more tiger selfies: The strangest new laws for 2015

When the clock struck midnight and ushered in 2015, many new laws took effect across the country
Unusual 2015 laws go into effect 01:42

SAN FRANCISCO -- For chickens in California it should be a happy New Year indeed, living in cages that won't be so cramped. A state law that took effect Thursday requires egg laying hens have enough space to fully extend their limbs.

Egg producers are scrambling for solutions, complaining the rules for chicken comfort are perplexing. And consumers may be missing the yolk, as egg prices in California have risen up to 40 percent.

In New York, taking selfies with tigers is banned by a new state law. For those baffled by why such photos have exploded on dating sites, Steven Colbert has the answer.

A man takes a photo with a tiger

"It shows you're spontaneous and don't over-think things," said Colbert on an episode of "The Colbert Report."

In Nevada, teenage drivers have a new reason not to skip school. Under a new state law students who miss class can have their licenses suspended.

In Massachusetts, wine can now be shipped from out of state. That'll allow Drew Bledsoe, the former New England Patriots quarterback, to send wine from his Washington State vineyard directly to his discerning fans.

And California has an officially declared state amphibian: the red-legged frog.

A red-legged frog CBS News

When Mark Twain wrote about a celebrated jumping frog, he was talking about the red-legged kind. Once widespread, it is now a threatened species. Lawmakers hope its new recognition as state amphibian will keep it a jump ahead of extinction.

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