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Pizzeria puts missing pet flyers on hundreds of pizza boxes

Pizza boxes feature flyers of missing pets
Pizzeria puts missing pet flyers on pizza boxes 02:02

A New Jersey pizzeria that makes hundreds of pizzas a day found a way to make good use of all those boxes: put flyers on them to help reunite missing pets with their owners. 

John Sanfratello, owner of Angelo's Pizza in Matawan, said the idea is actually decades old. "In the past, as you know, milk cartons, they used to put missing persons on," he told CBS New York. "I said, 'Well, why can't we do the same with pizza boxes?'"

Sanfratello said he got the idea after his neighbor's cat went missing. Fortunately, the pet was found and it inspired him to help find other missing pets. Angelo's is encouraging pet owners across the state to submit their flyers. Now, they are advertising two missing animals, a cat and a Seeing-Eye dog in training.

John Sanfratello, owner of Angelo's Pizza in Matawan, is on a mission to reunite missing pets with their owners.  CBS New York

The puppy ran away from her yard to chase after another animal. Peggy Gibbon, director of canine development at Seeing Eye, said they tried everything to find the dog – except pizza boxes. "She's been lost for three and a half weeks. We have been scouring the woods, posting flyers, she's up on Facebook," Gibbon said.

Sanfratello said he'll continue posting the missing pet flyers until all the animals in New Jersey are found. His cause has now made its way to Florida, where his sister owns other pizza shops. 

"I really don't know why [anyone hasn't] thought about it before, but it's a great idea," said delivery driver Veronica Barber.

Sanfratello is accepting missing pet flyers from all over New Jersey. CBS New York
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