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New Jersey "Shot and a Beer" program gives the vaccinated free beer

States incentivizing COVID vaccinations
Some states incentivizing COVID-19 vaccinations 00:56

New Jersey is launching a program it's calling a "Shot and a Beer" to encourage those 21 and older to get vaccinated, Governor Phil Murphy announced Monday. Any New Jersey resident who gets their first COVID-19 vaccine dose in the month of May can take their vaccination card to one of more than a dozen participating breweries for a free beer. 

Murphy announced the incentive program on Twitter, where he listed the program's current participants: 

More than 3 million people in the state of nearly 9 million people have been fully vaccinated so far. Murphy is aiming for 70% vaccination of adults in New Jersey. The idea of a free shot or beer for getting vaccinated isn't a new one, but the Democratic governor is the first to announce any type of statewide buy-in. 

In Tel Aviv, Israel, health officials recently set up a mobile clinic outside a bar. Other states in the U.S. are trying incentive programs as well. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced his state will offer $100 to state employees who get vaccinated. 

States are particularly trying to incentivize younger people, too, who might be less likely to have a poor outcome from COVID-19, but could still have long-lasting symptoms and are key to developing herd immunity in the U.S. West Virginia is offering savings bonds for residents ages 16 to 35 who get the shot. 

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