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New Improved Mavica Digital Camera

There were plenty of skeptics out there when Sony introduced the Mavica a year ago. A digital camera that stores pictures on standard 3 and a half inch discs that slides right into the camera. It turned out to be a best seller...

"After its first month of introduction it became the number one best selling digital imaging camera in the marketplace, and it has held that position ever since."

Sony's Jay Sato. While other digital cameras store pictures in flash memory or require cables to transfer photos to your PC, with the Mavica you just take the floppy out, put it in your computer and there are your pictures. The new models, which will ship this summer, will allow you make copies of disks right in the camera. The drives are twice as fast as before and the cameras are considerably smaller. Another great feature is the rechargable battery life..

"We've taken a lot of technology from our camcorders, expecially our stamina battery strategy and applied it to our Mavica. If you look at it, the supplied battery can give you up to 950 shots per charge. That's a lot of shots where you don't have to worry about recharging your battery."

There are digital cameras in the same price range with higher resolution, but Sony is betting that the convenience factor will keep the Mavica out front.You can find more information at

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