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New Guidelines For Air Travel

In the wake of the attack on America, you can be sure that when air travel resumes, there will be more safety measures in place than you've ever encountered before at the airport.

Here are a few things you can expect:

  • Uniformed security personnel at airports.
  • A ban on curbside check-ins and off-airport check-ins.
  • Visitors no longer will be allowed to pass through security checkpoints to pick up passengers at the gate.
  • Knives and other cutting tools, including plastic ones, are prohibited. Previously, knives smaller than four inches long, such as Swiss Army knives, were allowed on board.
  • Random identification checks of passengers.
  • Identification checks of employees and vendors.
  • Matching all luggage to passengers, meaning that a bag cannot be carried onboard an airplane unless the passenger is onboard as well.
  • Increased use of hand-held metal detectors for passengers, and searches of carry-on luggage.
  • Searches of all airplanes before passengers board, including cabins and cargo holds.
  • Increased use of bomb-sniffing dogs or explosive detection machines for checked baggage.

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