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New Gear For Better Workouts

Summer is here, along with a crop of new fitness products designed to be used in the hot sticky days ahead.

Fitness magazine has gathered some of the season's best, hi-tech items and Liz Vaccariello, the magazine's executive editor, visits The Saturday Early Show to talk about them.

If you want to exercise outside in the same cotton shorts and shirts you wear year-round, that's fine. But, the newest technologies in workout gear today can truly make you more comfortable. This in turn makes your workout more enjoyable. And, the hi-tech gear is not expensive, so staying cool won't break the bank. Plus, Vaccariello adds, getting new gear can be motivating; it makes you want to get out there and enjoy the summer.

Nike Swift Clothes
(tennis dress, cycling shirt)
The technology here is all about "mesh zones" that breathe in places people are most likely to sweat. We're all used to "moisture-wicking" clothes, but Nike is the only company strategically placing special moisture-wicking materials under the arms and in the back.
Prices start at $45
Available at:

Mizuno Arctic Touch Clothing (2 T-shirt and short sets)
This sounds crazy, but Mizuno's hi-tech material literally gets cooler as you perspire. It helps cool you down; it's like placing a cool wet cloth on your body, Vaccariello explains. Often, sweaty clothes wind up feeling clammy but these items are a welcome relief in hot weather.
Prices start at $24.95
Available at:

Champion Clothes (bra top, tank top)
The company is known for ultra-comfortable apparel. It is the only one that builds anti-chafing panels under the arms, around the neck and below the bra line. The items featured are also made with a special seamless fabric, which helps prevent friction.
Prices start at $25
Available at:

When shopping for athletic shoes, you want to look for something that provides support and cushioning. Good support insures that your foot won't shift from side to side. Cushioning protects your joints against impact. If you have a specific activity that consumes a lot of your time, such as running or biking, look for shoes specifically designed with that sport in mind.

Adidas ClimaCool 3D Training Shoes
Sweaty feet can result in blisters, and these shoes will do everything technologically possible to keep feet dry. These shoes are vented all around - top, sides and sole - to provide extra breathability and to repel heat. The inner mesh booty slips out of the shoe so you can wear it while stretching at the gym or cooling down at home.
Price: $100

Lowa Dragonfly Lady trail running shoes
This is a super lightweight shoe that keeps your feet dry in muddy or wet conditions, thanks to mircrosuede and Gortex exterior. It also has plenty of cushioning underneath for support while running or walking.
Price: $85
Available at:

Sperry land/water sandal
Use this sporty sandal both on land for walking or light hiking and also in the water for kayaking, boating, or just heading to the pool. An extra strap offers extra support and a special rubber outsole provides wet and dry traction.
Price: $49.95
Available at:

Other Summer Gear

Briko Bat Sunglasses
These sunglasses are designed for women on the move. They have a narrow design that better fits the female face. Great rubber pads on the nose and behind the ears keep the glasses from slipping when you begin to sweat.
Prices start at $79
Available at:

Zura Sports Alpha Swim Fins
The unique shape and flexible foam material were engineered to create a more natural motion when you use these fins in the pool. This more ergonomical motion streamlines your kicks and helps prevent leg cramps. Anyone who has used swim fins in the past will be amazed by how light these fins feel.
Price: $34.95
Available at:

Speedo Sprint Super Seal Goggles
Another new tool for the swimmer in your family, these goggles are soft and flexible. This means there is less pressure on your face so you don't wind up looking like a raccoon when the goggles come off. Despite the new design, they are less likely to leak than previous models, and they don't fog up.
Price: $11
Available at:

REI Trekking Poles
Get this: using a hiking pole when you're out for a stroll helps you burn 20 percent more calories! Using a pole engages your arms; the extra motion allows you to burn more calories. The particular poles are made of a strong aluminum alloy named Titanal, which is comparable to steel, but only a third of the weight. In addition to being lightweight, the poles are collapsible and feature smaller handgrips for a comfortable fit.
Price: $90
Available at:

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