New Florida Plan Calls For Seating Half Of State's Delegates Based on Primary

The great Florida/Michigan delegate debate isn't over yet.

The latest: Two Florida state senators, Jeremy Ring and Steve Geller, are pushing a plan to seat half the state's delegates based on the state's primary, which took place on Jan 29th. (Because Florida held its primary earlier than permitted, the Democratic National Committee stripped the state of all its delegates.)

As the Sun-Sentinel reports, the pair proposed at a news conference yesterday that half of Florida's 188 pledged delegates be seated based on the results of the state's primary. The other half could be seated based on the national vote or on another basis. And the state's 22 superdelegates would be counted.

"This approach would give Hillary Clinton an edge of 19 pledged delegates, thanks to her 17 percentage-point victory in Florida," notes the newspaper. "She'd likely net an additional advantage from the state's superdelegates."

As CBS News Chief Political Correspondent Marc Ambinder notes on his Atlantic blog, the plan needs both campaigns to sign on as well as approval from the DNC's credentials committee, "a process that would not really begin until July."