New Fads For Fido

dog next to christmas tree
The winner this season may be Japan's dogs – they're getting an Internet upgrade, reports CBS News Correspondent Barry Petersen.

The "I-See-Pet" lets you log on from anywhere in the world, hit the keys and out comes food for Fido waiting back home. Add a Webcam, and you can track each happy bite.

But what about the dog's bark? Ever wonder what it really means?

With a new device, called the "Bowlingual," you'll know for sure; its software listens and tells owners like Tomoko Hiyoshi what's up.

Tomoko says it's teaching her things about her dogs she didn't know – like when Amber and Ruby went crazy over a ringing doorbell, it was Tomoko who was barking up the wrong tree.

"I thought they were warning whoever was outside. But the machine says they were actually happy having someone over," Tomoko says.

The Bowlingual is a big hit in Japan, and an English- language version is on its way to American store shelves next year.

Then maybe we'll finally settle that old debate: Is a dog's bark really worse than its bite?