New Excuse For Grouches

A new study may explain why some people find it easier to wake up in the morning than others, reports CBS News Health Correspondent Dr. Emily Senay.

Most people are naturally either night owls or early birds.

In the early bird category is Don Willmott, who is always the first one in his office. Willmott wakes up early even when he doesn't have to.

"Even on the weekends, unless I've had an incredibly interesting night before, I still wake up around 6:00 [a.m] or so, and I do it completely automatically," Willmott says. "I usually wake up two or three minutes before the alarm would go off."

Don Wilmott at the crack of dawn.

According to a new study, nature may actually help determine which type you are. Researchers from Stanford Medical School have found evidence that genes play a role.

The study found that a genetic variation predisposes people to function better at night or at daybreak. So for Willmott, the reason he is first into the office, may be in his genes.

"I just try to listen to my body and work with it and not against it," he says. "I figure the alternative of sitting around waiting to come to work would be a lot worse than just coming in."

Researchers found that the age, sex, and ethnic background of the 400 participants in the study did not help predict who was more likely to be a morning or an evening person. More research needs to be done into the link between your genetic makeup and the time you wake up.

Reported by Dr. Emily Senay