New "Elysium" trailer: Matt Damon takes on the upper class

Matt Damon stars in "Elysium."
Kimberley French/Sony Pictures

Talk about class warfare.

Matt Damon is packing the punches against the wealthy elite in the upcoming film "Elysium." The film's official trailer was unveiled on Tuesday, with Damon's character setting out to take down the ruling class in a dystopian future.

The film comes from acclaimed South African director Neill Blomkamp, the man behind the 2009 best picture Oscar nominee "District 9."

Four years after that film's release, he is still exploring issues of poverty and class segregation. With "District 9," Bloomkamp had fused explosion-heavy set pieces with elements of social commentary, and it looks like the trend continues with "Elysium."

According to the new trailer, by the year 2154 the privileged few, among them a character played by Jodie Foster, live in a Utopian environment orbiting Earth called Elysium, where poverty, war and sickness don't exist.

Below on the planet's surface live the not-so-fortunate masses where crime and disease roam rampant. Armed with artificial body enhancements, Damon travels to Elysium in the hopes of bringing equality to the human race.

We'll see if he succeeds when the film opens on August 9.

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