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New, Damning Evidence Vs. Jackson?

Michael Jackson's molestation trial is slated to start next week, and things may already be heating up.

According to court documents, prosecutors want to admit potentially damaging evidence, including books, magazines and videos that were seized from the pop star's Neverland ranch. One book in particular contained many photographs of naked boys.

Court TV Executive Investigative Editor Diane Dimond has been following the story.

She tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler that the book, called "The Boy, A Photographic Essay" was seized from Neverland in 1993.

On the front cover is a photo of a naked boy looking out at the sea. It's a coffee table book, and the experts that I have questioned about it…said this book serves two purposes. Number one, self-gratification for a pedophile and number two, it opens up a dialogue for someone who's looking for a target. They go through the book, and there are many nice pictures of boys at play, at work, in the fields and studying at school.

" 'Look at these pictures,' " Dimond suggests a pedophile might say. " 'Look at this. Oh, they're skinny dipping. Would you like to skinny dip with me?' So it's used as a recruitment tool."

Since it's a coffee table book, couldn't it be seen simply as an art book, Syler asked.

"Absolutely," Dimond responded. "It could be. However, as you turn the pages, beginning on about page 25, suddenly you're struck by these completely nude little boys, in strange, provocative poses, laying on a rock with the waterfall falling on top of them. And the mental health professionals that deal with pedophiles that I talked to were very disturbed by the book."

Dimond explains that the prosecution wants two different collections of items admitted into evidence: the group of evidence taken in 1993; that investigation was cut short, because the victim's family took money, but they gathered evidence. Now, prosecutors want the '93 evidence plus the 2003 evidence taken from Neverland.

"And I will tell you, I have gotten to look at some of the search warrants, and what they got out of Michael Jackson's bedroom this time is stunning. There was a box of pornographic magazines at the end of bed. Dvd movies of porn (in various rooms and closets). …Pornographic materials and pictures of naked boys in several rooms of that home."

"I believe," Dimond continued, "the 2003 evidence will be allowed, because it was gathered and there it is. The judge still hasn't decided what to do with the 1993 case, and that we won't know until after opening arguments."

Syler asked Dimond about the possible source of a leak of grand jury testimony from the case. Does Dimond have a clue as to the possible source?

"I don't know. I wish I knew," Dimond responded. "There were three copies of all this material. The court has one. The sheriff's department doesn't have one. The court, the D.A.'s office and the defense (have copies).

"There are three or four different defense attorneys. They maybe made copies of it to give to all of the attorneys and an extra copy was made, but I can't believe that an officer of the court would do this, because it's a felony, and you get your license pulled. So…I just don't know. It is disturbing because this is supposed to be secret."

How does Dimond see the trial playing out? "Well, Michael Jackson has to be there every single day starting Monday, for jury selection. That'll take about a month, and then the testimony begins.

"I think you're gonna hear a compelling timeline case from the prosecution: 'Here's how this family met him. Here's what they say happened.' And from the defense side, you will hear a bunch of character witnesses say, 'It can't possibly have been. He's a man who gives a lot of money to charity, and he's a fabulous guy.'"