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New Creations For The Kids

Here are the new products featured in CBS Consumer Correspondent Herb Weisbaum's report from the International Juvenile Products Show in Dallas.

1. Hands-Free Gate
The First Years
Available: April, for $50 or 800-533-6708

To open this gate, you push down on a pedal and give it a nudge with your knee. This product is for parents who always have their hands full.

2. Swing 'n Meals
Available: March, for $100

This classic infant three-speed swing converts to a full-size high chair and booster seat, without any tools, when baby grows up.

3. Iso Fit System Car Seats
Available: Early 2000 or 888-4-BRITAX

These next-generation safety seats will fit in any car, but are especially designed to be easier to fasten into the new car seat clips that are in some new cars.

4. Mighty-Tite Car Seat Belt Rachet
Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products
Available: March, for $15

This easy-to-use rachet eliminates unsafe belt slack that remains after a car seat is installed.

5. Doctor Straw
Imagine Us
Available: Now, for $7 or on the west coast at Talbots, Lullaby Lane and Peninsula Kids

This product lets babies drink their bottle while sitting upright, reducing the risk of ear infection; this can happen when a child drinks lying down. The straw with a weight at the end also eliminates excess air intake by always staying in the fluid.

6. Flip-N-Flush
PU Digital
Available: Now, for $13

This is an extra plastic seat that attaches to the toilet. It lets the toilet be used by adults and children too small to use a regular toilet seat. When the little ones have to go, just flip down their colorful seat with a smaller hole in it (so they won't fall in).

7. The Diaper Swim Vest
1-2-3 Swim
Available: Now, $39
(800) 936-6243

Put your littlest ones in this flotation vest and let them safely enjoy being in the pool with you. It can also be used to wash Baby in the tub.

8. The Fetal Phone
available: Now, $15 or 1-888-338-7463

It's basically a megaphone with a long tube attached that let's you send your voice straight to the womb. This simple low-tech device is fun for the whole family!

9. Safety Nest
Baby Delight
Available: Soon, $70

This baby-sized mattress is surrounded by three sturdy padded walls. When placed between the pillows of an adult bed, it helps protect Baby when sleeping next to parents.

10. Imperial Swan Cradle
Little Miss Liberty
Available: No $4,000 or 800-763-2742

This crib is based on an ancient design and covered in gold leaf. And it's being sold by Jean Kasem (yes, Casey Kasem's wife).

11. Wee Care Pacifier Holder Bear

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