New Clinton Ad Casts Health Care As "Obligation"

The Clinton campaign has unveiled a new 30-second television ad, "Obligation," to be aired in Wisconsin, where voters go to the polls on Feb. 19th. The obligation in question? Universal health care.

"She fought for universal health care, long before it was popular," an announcer says in the spot. "Got health insurance for six million kids and expanded access to health care for the National Guard. Now, she's the only candidate for President with a plan to provide health care for every American."

Clinton rival Barack Obama offers a health care plan that would cover many Americans but leave some uninsured. Clinton has vowed to cover all Americans, though she has not specified an enforcement mechanism for making people pay for their health care.

"A top economist calls Hillary's plan, 'the difference between achieving universal health coverage and falling far short,'" the announcer continues. "If you believe health care is America's moral obligation, join her."