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New Bride Shot To Death By Husband, Say Atlanta Cops

Atlanta Newlywed Shot To Death By Husband
Minchello McLester (CBS/WGCL/Fulton County Sheriff)

ATLANTA (CBS/WGCL/AP) Neighbors and co-workers of an Atlanta newlywed were stunned by her weekend slaying, and by the arrest of her new husband who was naked when police found him outside the couple's house.

"I'm totally shocked out of my mind," next-door neighbor Cynthia Jenrette said Monday. "It's just unbelievable."

Police say 29-year-old Minchillo McLester fatally shot his 25-year-old wife Madison McLester shortly before 5 a.m. Sunday after the couple returned from a Halloween party. He is charged with murder. According to CBS affiliate WGCL, the pair had just married Oct. 10.

Police say they have no motive in the killing.

Officers found Minchillo McLester wearing no clothes in a park across the street from the light blue house the couple shared.

McLester, who legally changed his last name from Clark last year, always seemed like a nice guy and never seemed angry or under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, according to another neighbor, Terry Brown.

"He was a very cool guy," Brown said. "I was proud of them. They were a young couple who just got married and they were doing so well."

The two seemed completely in love and never showed a sign of problems, Jenrette said.

Madison McLester, whose name before she married was Roarabaugh, graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in accounting in December 2007. She was immediately hired by Georgia Pacific, where she previously had an internship.

She was a well-liked, well-respected employee who worked well with her colleagues in the company's accounting department, said company spokesman Greg Guest.

Minchillo McLester was being held without bond in the Fulton County jail.