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New Al Sahab Video In Honor of Slain Al Qaeda Commander

(Al Sahab)
Al Sahab released a new 45 minute video titled: "Jihad and Martyrdom." The video chronicles the life of al Qaeda's deputy commander in Afghanistan, Aboul Hassan al-Saeedi (AKA Shaker Allah), from the moment he joined al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the late 80s, till his death in a suicide attack that targeted a U.S. convoy in Afghanistan on June 28, 2007.

The video is clearly aiming to promote the idea of 'martyrdom' as a way to compensate the imbalance of power between the 'Crusaders' and the Muj. "This discrepancy in the military strength which the Crusaders and the jews consider to be their fortified fortress, had to be demolished and defeated by the Mujahideen in order for the enemy to become vulnerable in the field and suffer blows in punishment for his crimes, hence martyrdom operations."

Al-Saeedi appeared dressed in a traditional Afghani dress and turban. He sat before a mud-plastered wall with his machine gun placed next to him, as he answered the questions of his interviwer. He said he fought in Afghanistan, and left with OBL to Sudan after the defeat of the soviets in Afghanistan. He claims he helped train Somali Mujahideens during the U.S. invasion, before returning back to Afghanistan with OBL when the Taliban took power in 1996. "He then played a major role in training the youths arriving in Afghanistan, and he supervised the setting up of al-Farouq camp in Kandahar."

The video described 9/11 attacks as a pre-emptive strike launched by al Qaeda against an American offensive on Afghanistan; "The Zio-Crusader enemy and its agents, the apostate rulers, were making preparations to strike Afghanistan. So the Mujahideen decided to carry out a preemptive strike to shuffle the enemy's cards, hence the two blessed raids which changed the course of history and revived the ummah, the duty of Jihad and the love of Martyrdom."

According to the tape, OBL gave al-Saeedi the responsibility for the Jalalabad front after the U.S. attack on Afghanistan in 2001. Then he made him the deputy head of operations in Afghanistan. At that time, he (al-Saeedi) appeared in an Aljazeera news coverage, daring the American soldiers to come down and fight the Muj in the battlefield, instead of bombing them from their planes.

The video did not include any pictures of the operation, nor did it explain where or when it took place. But it showed al-Saeedi as he helped loading the truck used in the attack with explosives. Some graphic animation, accompanied by a narration from member of al Qaeda shura council, Abu Khalil al-Madani, explained that the U.S. convoy targetted in the attack was composed of 4 humvees, a bulldozer and a large army truck.

In several parts of the video, al-Saeedi received great words of praise from al Qaeda chief in Afghanistan, Mostafa Abul Yazid, as well as from Abu Khalil al-Madani, and an Egyptian commander called Khaled al-Habib.

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