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New Ad Shows U.S. Working for China in 2030, Pays Homage to "The Deficit Trials"

A new television ad by the watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste (C.A.G.W.) puts forth a controversial "potential vision of the future": one in which the U.S. literally works for China (watch it at left). C.A.G.W. calls the ad a "2010 homage to a 1986 ad that was produced by the W.R. Grace Company called 'The Deficit Trials.'"

That ad (embedded below) was considered so controversial, that the networks wouldn't run it (Here's a CBS News segment on it from back then.) Like the ad 24 years before, the new ad aims to send a message against the deficit and debt.

W.R. Grace's grandson was J. Peter Grace, co-founder of C.A.G.W. Peter Grace was a conservative Democrat who supported President Ronald Reagan's tax cuts. President Reagan selected Grace to lead The Grace Commission on waste and inefficiency in the federal government.

"We intend to run the ad well into 2011," says C.A.G.W. spokesman Leslie Paige. "Reducing the deficit and the debt is of paramount importance to our nation now and to the generations that come after us."

Here's the 1986 ad:

More articles on the 1986 Ad:

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