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Nevada attorney general says Trump campaign's voting fraud complaint is "garbage"

Nevada attorney general gives update on votes
Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford gives update on votes in battleground state 05:41

Nevada's attorney general said officials in the state have not seen evidence of voter fraud while dismissing the Trump campaign's attempt to file a federal lawsuit to force officials to stop counting what the White House claims are "improper votes."

"This six-page complaint they filed late last night is, in a word: garbage," Attorney General Aaron Ford said on "CBS This Morning" Friday. "It just goes to show the last-ditch efforts these guys are going to go to to try and derail this election to their benefit."

Nevada joined a list of battleground states under legal attack when Mr. Trump's surrogates and state Republicans announced they plan to sue. Other legal challenges have been presented in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. 

Current results show former Vice President Joe Biden holding very slight leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

"When you take a look at the list that [the Trump campaign] presented… one of the first things that pops out is that there are a lot of military addresses on that list. What the cover letter says is that it appears these people may have improperly cast mail-in ballots," Ford said.

He called the list "pure speculation," and said neither the "Republican secretary of state" nor "17 county registrars" have reported any evidence of widespread fraud.

Asked about when the state may have a final count, Ford pointed to a November 12 deadline which all Nevada county registrars "have to meet."

"I do know that we're going to be getting results in today as well," Ford said. "We will have a better picture of what the results look like sometime around nine, 10 o'clock today."

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