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Netflix survey finds parents move New Year's countdown to 9 p.m.

The new year starts at 9 p.m. for nearly half of parents in the U.S., reports a Netflix survey.

The streaming service found that 48 percent of American parents said they would count down the last 10 seconds to 2016 with their kids by 9 p.m., and 73 percent said they would at least start the countdown before midnight.

What's more, 41 percent of American parents aren't opposed to ringing in the New Year with a fib. They answered in the Netflix survey that they have a special New Year's Eve countdown in order to dupe their kids into hitting the hay early.

Netflix offers a New Year's Eve kids special that can be watched at any time to help set the stage for an early countdown; in fact, 66 percent of parents said they'll likely use an on-demand countdown in place of a TV countdown with their kids on New Year's Eve.

What will the grown-ups do with that extra quiet time? Sixty-seven percent of U.S. parents said they'd like to spend it with their significant others.