"Orange Is the New Black" trailer picks up right where intense cliffhanger left off

A screenshot from the trailer for Orange Is the New Black season five shows one of the characters, Daya, holding a prison staffer at gunpoint.


Netflix’s hit prison series, “Orange Is the New Black,” returns in just two short months, and fans have been counting down the days since last summer’s intense season finale. 

On Tuesday, they got their first glimpse of what’s to come after a tragic death that escalated tensions between the prisoners and prison staff at the end of season four. Netflix released a new trailer for season five that picks up right where the last scene left off.

To recap (spoilers ahead), season four ended with the accidental death of Poussey, a fan favorite since the first season. The warden’s immediate response to defend the correction officer responsible for her death enrages the rest of the inmates, who begin storming the halls. Before you know it, they’ve surrounded two other CO’s and taken one of their guns -- a gun that was never supposed to be in the prison in the first place.

Orange is the New Black | Season 5 First Look [HD] | Netflix by Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

The trailer picks up there, with an inmate named Daya pointing the gun at CO Humphrey. The crowd shouts and cheers for her to pull the trigger. She asks them to be quiet, but they continue taunting Humphrey and calling for his head. The clip then cuts to black, and we hear what sounds like a gunshot. 

So, did Daya shoot Humphrey? And if she did -- what happens next? Netflix has already revealed the entirety of season five will take place over the course of just three days, so fans are sure to get some dramatic, action-packed episodes. 

All episodes of season five premiere on Netflix on June 9.