Netanyahu: I Opened The Door For Peace

Here's a preview of my interview tonight with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I asked him about the negative reaction of some Arab leaders to the the two state plan he laid out in a speech yesterday. Tune into the CBS Evening News tonight for more. Then, come back to for the full interview later. See you then.

I took a-- a step, not an easy step. And I said, "Here's what we are prepared to do for peace. We're prepared to have-- a Palestinian state next to a Jewish state." And there are two points here. One, that the Palestinian state-- recognize the Jewish state just as we're asked to recognize-- the Palestinians. And second, that the Palestinian state would be demilitarized so that we don't-- experience once again the-- the-- hurling of thousands of rockets on our cities.

And I think this is an equitable formula for peace. It's one that enjoys enormous unity in the-- in the-- Israeli public and I think-- among Israel's friends-- and supporters abroad and the supporters of peace abroad. So, yes, I supposed I'd like a better response. And maybe it'll sink in over time. But I think-- I've opened the door for peace. And I hope that the Palestinians and the Arab world responds to it.