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Neilsen: Nearly 30 Percent Tuned In To Obama Inauguration

The first numbers are coming out for the television audience that tuned into Barack Obama's inauguration, and, well, a pretty good percentage of Americans watched it.

Across the 56 local markets measured by Neilsen Media Research, 29.2 percent of households tuned in to see the president-elect become the president.

That's up from 20.8 percent who watched George W. Bush's 2000 inauguration and way up from the 11.8 percent who watched Mr. Bush in 2004, according to Neilsen.

Mr. Obama was most popular in the Raleigh-Durham market, where 51.2 percent of households had the tube set to the inauguration.

The Seattle-Tacoma market ... not so much. Only 18.8 percent of homes there were watching the 44th president.

Check out Neilsen's results here.

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