Neil Young, Jonathan Demme team up for third concert documentary

Neil Young, left, and Jonathan Demme on "CBS This Morning."
Neil Young, left, and Jonathan Demme on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) In the new documentary "Neil Young Journeys" the music legend teams up again with acclaimed director Jonathan Demme. Young and Demme have filmed three concert films together. In this one, Young returns to his hometown of Omemee, Ontario to rediscover his roots before taking the stage at Toronto's Massey Hall last year.

Why do three films together? "We have fun, you know," Young said on "CBS This Morning." "We respect each other, and so it's a give-and-take thing. It's a good relationship."

Demme added the films work because "it's Neil's music, it's his songwriting, it's his musicianship, it's the character he assumes when he sings songs." He said, "My job is just to try to, as best I possibly can, figure out how we can kind of cinematically get inside these songs and get inside his themes and put them on screen as best (as) we possibly can."

This film drew particularly on Young because he's alone on stage, Demme said. The filmmaker turned to several cameras - including positioning them on the microphone and the instruments - for several, often unorthodox shots.

Demme even caught a moment when Young spit into the microphone. "It's saliva-cam. It's another Demme first," Young said. "I saw that, 'I went, God, it's so psychedelic! It's all distorted. He's like gone out over the deep end. People think he's a little bit of a straight filmmaker, but there's no way! No way! He's gone psychedelic on this movie."

Neil Young Journeys" opens in New York and Los Angeles this Friday, June 29.

For more with Young and Demme on "CBS This Morning," including a happy accident with a microphone camera's angle, watch the video in the player above.