Neighbors robbed Pa. couple over Thanksgiving, police say

Thomas Brown, picks up nickels from his nephews' stolen piggy banks outside his Pittsburgh, Pa. home, on Sunday, Nov. 25, 2012.
CBS Pittsburgh
(CBS) Pittsburgh, Pa. - Thomas and Courtney Brown went away for four days over Thanksgiving. When the couple returned home to the Crafton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh, they learned they'd been robbed of thousands of dollars of belongings including a television, DVDs, phones, games and even their nephews' piggy banks, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

Then they learned the neighbors in the apartment next door are suspects.

The victims say they feel the ultimate betrayal after the neighbors were taken into custody.

Thomas Brown told CBS Pittsburgh, "We work so hard for our stuff, and to have someone come in and take everything overnight, it's very nerve-racking and it just makes you angry."

Police were on scene for hours. Detectives were able to salvage some stolen items, but many had been destroyed.

They got a search warrant and took a woman and man into custody. Officers would not release their names or comment on possible charges.

Authorities say at least man has been arrested and will be facing criminal charges, not only in connection with the burglary Browns' break-in but also in connection with allegedly possessing a stolen shotgun from the Allegheny County Sheriff's Department.