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Neda al Jihad Release Afghanistan Compilation Video

A militant Islamist Pashto video entitled "Punishing the Transgressors" was released on several websites Friday by a Taliban media outlet called Neda al Jihad. The one-hour video includes speeches by Afghan Jihadi leaders such as Taliban leader Sheikh Mohammed Yassir and Doust Mohammed, a Nuristan commander.

Although the video includes some previously unseen footage, it appears to be an old tape as Taliban's former information minister Mohammed Yassir was apparently still in Afghan custody when his statement was filmed.

He was released along with four other Taliban leaders in exchange for the release of an Italian reporter that the Taliban captured in 2007. There was also footage from a video released last year showing a U.S. foot patrol ambushed by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

The video also includes footage from a training camp, and from a religious school attended by the some militants. It also showed an attack on a military outpost along with aftermath pictures showing some weapons, food and drinks left behind by fleeing troops.

The video closes with pictures of some of the "martyrs" without giving explanation how they were killed. Some of them looked as young as 9 or 10 years old.

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