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NECC Insider: Fake names used to bypass regulations

An ex-salesman from company that produced injections that caused lethal meningitis says the company often used fake prescriptions so it could illegally mass produce drugs

Another employee of the company that produced tainted medicine that caused lethal meningitis in 48 Americans and sickened over 700 more is speaking out. A former salesman tells Scott Pelley that the firm used fraudulent prescriptions -- with obviously fake names like Bart Simpson and Jane Doe -- so it could mass produce drugs it was limited by law to prepare individually. His former employer, New England Compounding Center, now under criminal investigation for its role in the worst pharmaceutical disaster in decades, had produced and shipped 17,000 vials of the steroid that caused meningitis. It was precisely this mass production process that another NECC employee, Joe Connolly, says made him warn his NECC supervisor that patients could be harmed.

The former salesman did not wish to be identified because he did not want his career to be associated with NECC. 60 Minutes disguised him for his interview, which will be broadcast on Pelley's 60 Minutes report on Sunday, March 10 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.