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N.C. State Student Voters Pick Obama In Mock Election

This story was written by Daniel Ellis, Technician

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama won the Technician's 2008 Mock Election by a margin of 52.9 percent to John McCain's 43.4 percent.

The election, which concluded at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, garnered a turnout of 2189 voters consisting of students, faculty, and staff.

"I think the mock election is a very accurate representation of what will happen in North Carolina," David Drosback, a North Carolina State University senior in engineering, said. "I think that the most informed people are the ones who voted."

In the governor's race, Republican Mayor Pat McCrory defeated Lieutenant Governor Bev Perdue 49.4 percent to 40.3 percent. Other candidates coming out on top include U.S. Senate hopeful Kay Hagan and Lt. Governor candidate Walter H. Dalton.

"I think that the mock election is pretty decent. Granted, if you are coming from a college, most colleges and universities tend to be more liberal in their results," Richard Pridgen, a junior in paper science and engineering, said. "However, with the state of the economy and everyonebeing unhappy with the Republican Party it might be fairly accurate."

Incumbent Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler posted one of the widest margins of victory, winning by 10.1 percent over Democrat Ronnie Ansley. Attorney General Roy Cooper also won in a landslide, defeating Bob Crumley by 12.8 percent.