Catching Up On The MP3 Catch-22
Sept. 6: It's unlikely the ruling against will halt the crush of other new and seemingly illegal uses of Internet technology. The problem won't end until new copyright laws specific to the Internet are passed.

Circling The Rubber-Tired Wagons
Sept. 5: Bridgestone/Firestone and Ford are in for the fights of their corporate lives, facing legal, political, financial and public relations attacks.

Sound And Fury In Ramsey Case
Sept. 1: A whole lotta headlines from the Ramseys and prosecutors may not necessarily signal a whole lotta shakin' going on in the JonBenet murder investigation.
Plea Deal Coming In Wen Ho Lee Case?
August 29: You don't need to be a lawyer, or a rocket scientist, to understand that the government's case against former Los Alamos nuclear weapons scientist Wen Ho Lee is in trouble.

Team Ramsey vs. Team Boulder
Aug. 28: The two days of questioning of JonBenet's parents by the Boulder, Colorado, police are really all about public relations, not crime-solving.

A Mighty Burden of Proof
Aug. 18: With a court finding of "sufficient evidence" to try Michael Skakel for murder, CBS News Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen points out a conviction is far from assured. Foggy memories can cloud a 25-year-old case.

The Scandal That Won't Go Away
Aug. 17: Another grand jury probe and yet another news leak. What possible twists and turns could a renewed investigation of President Clinton take?

Time Is On Big Tobacco's Side
July 14: If the five horsemen of tobacco's apocalypse really can't afford the jury's landmark $145 billion award, their verdict will only be as good as the paper it is written on.

Tweaking Capital Punishment
July 12: Inexperienced attorneys. Wrongful convictions. Dubious eyewitness testimony. All contribute to a shaky capital punishment system that could lead to the Supreme Court taking another look at the death penalty in America.

Inside The Mind Of The Supreme Court
June 28: By their works, ye shall know them. That's the approach taken by Cohen as he provides a look into the legal and ideological nature of the Supreme Court as it recessed for the summer.

Waco: Completely Different Versions
June 19: The stories presented by the Davidian plaintiffs and the government defendants won't be the same.

More Legal Maneuvers From Miami
June 15: The inside view on te latest legal maneuvers by the Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez.

SCOTUS Defers On HMO-Doc Incentives
June 12: The Supreme Court didn't so much as make a decision on incentives for doctors as it left the decision up to Congress and state legislatures.

What The Ruling Means
June 7: After Judge Penfield Jackson's decision to split Microsoft into two companies, the company's waiting game is finally over, but the appeals process could take years.

Arkansas Justice
May 23: An Arkansas judicial committee's recommendation that the president be disbarred is hardly surprising. But how legitimate is it, and how likely to weather the inevitable appeals?
Supreme Court Gets Busy
May 30: The down and dirty on the high court's rulings for pornography on TV, the Clean-Air Act case, whistleblowers and air bags.

Rape Ruling Not Anti-Women
May 15: The Supreme Court's decision that a woman cannot sue her attacker under federal law may be perceived as anti-women, but it is based on the court's desire to defend states' rights.
Elian's Options
May 23: The Elian Gonzalez case is still a long way from being settled. What are the next twists and turns the political asylum fight may take?
Microsoft's Trial Balloon
May 10: In the high-stakes courtroom combat between Microsoft and the Justice Department every move is made with strategy in mind.
Tripp Still Trapped
May 5: Despite rulings by the judge that limit some of the testimony that can be used against her, Linda Tripp is not going to have an easy time fighting Maryland's wiretapping case against her.
Another Day Another Ruling
April 19: While the court ruling gives Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives something to celebrate for the time being, the ongoing legal battle will only get stickier.
Miranda: The Right To Know?
April 18: However the Supreme Court rules on Miranda warnings, you'll still have the right to remain silent. The question is whether the police will have to tell you so.
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Dec. 20: Midnight negotiations in Miami. A Justice Department order issued and ignored. A state court says Elian goes, but a federal court says he stays—for now. Sorting out the winners and losers in a tumultuous 24 hours.
More Hazards And Headaches
April 7: It isn't the Florida jury's verdict that is giving Big Tobacco a headache. The real worry is that the award has opened the floodgates to a punitive damages claim that could cripple the industry.