NBA Live '07 For PSP

NBA Live '07 screenshot
Electronic Arts
One of the most popular basketball franchises is back in full swing with the recent edition of NBA Live '07. Electronic Arts' NBA Live franchise is arguably just as popular as its Madden franchise. With a popular franchise, it's fairly difficult to keep gamers happy with new features and fresh content every year.

2EA has taken a new approach to the NBA Live franchise for the PSP. The latest title for the PSP has tons of minigames, which complement the other exhibition and season modes. Traditionally, basketball titles - and most other sports titles as well - are games that are really enjoyable in a multiplayer format. I feel that this version, with the addition of new minigames, helps make NBA Live a more enjoyable single player title.

In addition to the minigames, numerous gaming modes litter the playing field in this PSP version. You can play season, dynasty, playoffs and All-Star weekend. The All-Star weekend features the 3-point competition, dunk contest and the infamous rookies vs. sophomores match.

3Handles is a minigame, which challenges you to replicate some directional pattern, in a specific amount of time, with a player mimicking the patterns entered. To play this you have turn the PSP sideways and use the directional pad. As you move deeper into the challenge, the time gets shorter, so you'll have to be quick.

Winning the challenge helps you unlock some videos. Another minigame called 2-ball places you in a one-on-one, first-to-50 match. To score points you have to shoot from circles on the court. Additionally, there are power ups scattered on the court to increase your score. This minigame is probably one of the best "NBA Live '07" has to offer.

Another really cool mode is Superstar mode. Here you are given different real-life game scenarios to try to meet. For example, you're challenged to score 81 points in a game with Kobe Bryant.

The controls are different from the console versions, so veterans of the console titles will have to re-learn them. Direct passing can be accomplished by pressing the select button to bring up player icons, which at times can be confusing.

4The graphics are decent for a PSP title. Nothing really catches your eye but it's good enough to keep you satisfied. A cool feature I also enjoy is the ability to play songs from your memory stick in the game. EA has also integrated ESPN content such as real-time scores and information from the ESPN ticker along the screen. Ad hoc and infrastructure wireless play are both present in Live '07, which will let you play your standard ball games against other players.

"NBA Live '07" is far more promising than any other basketball title on the market for the PSP. The minigames really give it an added flair as there is more to do than the traditional 5-on-5 full court games.

NBA Live '07 is rated "E" for Everyone (Content suitable for ages 6 and older) and is available for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PSP game consoles.