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NBA shows off concept jersey that lets fans change its name and number

The NBA unveiled its "jersey of the future" at the NBA All-Star Technology Summit on Friday. Commissioner Adam Silver spoke about the possibilities of the NBA fan experience in the future and showed off a concept jersey that would that give fans the ability to change the name and number on the back.

In a demonstration, Silver said he used a smartphone to change Stephen Curry's All-Star jersey into a jersey that displayed Michael Jordan's last name and no. 23. He also teased the possibility of fans using facial recognition for tickets and smart glasses to have a more customizable experience at NBA stadiums.

The annual tech summit is in its 20th year and attracts companies like Google, Snap and Twitter along with league executives and players. 

There was no shortage of excitement or jokes about the jersey on Twitter. Some said it would allow bandwagon fans to change their favorite player mid-season. Others joked that Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant could switch teams during games and for players who are traded to different teams during games.

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