NBA Hoop Dreams Locked Out

With the clock running down on the pro basketball season, it looks like both sides are playing for one last shot. The NBA has set January 7th as the deadline for a deal with the players union, or else they'll cancel the season.

Still, no talks are scheduled and the stalemate affects not just wealthy owners and players, but rookies who've yet to make a dime. CBS News Correspondent Diana Olick reports.

Rosaun Young thought he was playing by the rules. He graduated from college and while setting scoring records at the University of Buffalo, he prided himself on his determination and his offensive game. But now with the lockout, neither of those will get him to the NBA.

"This is a dream that I had since I was a little kid," says Rosaun "and I just want to fulfill my dream, I just want to have the opportunity to fulfill my dream,"

Rosaun had a chance to go from the court where he volunteer coaches his old high school team to the national Knicks game court. He had made it to a final tryout with the Knicks, until the Knicks were locked out. Now he's sitting the season out working as a security guard.

"There's guys like me who want just the opportunity just to go out there and play," says Rosaun.

For the NBA hopefuls who may've lost a shot at their dreams this year, the whole thing seems very unfair, but for the established NBA players, locked out and crying foul, there is still very little sympathy.

After riding the highs of a historic baseball season and now near the climax of a dramatic football season, some fans just don't seem to care.

And they especially don't care that salary losses for high paid players may reach $500 million.

As for Rosaun, he says he'll stay in shape for next year, "I'd be happy with whatever, just want to play the game."

And, he hopes he gets one more chance to take his shot.