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Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk on "Con Man": We can't wait to get started

The former "Firefly" stars turn to Indiegogo to raise money for their new Web series
Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk break records with "Con Man" 06:35

Now that they've smashed a couple of crowdfunding records, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk say they will most likely expand their "Con Man" plans -- think spaceships, comic books and maybe even William Shatner (if he's available, of course).

The former stars of the TV series "Firefly" turned to crowdfunding last week to raise money for "Con Man," a Web series, which would follow the post-TV show life of Wray Nerely (Tudyk), the pilot and co-star of "Spectrum," a short-lived sci-fi show-turned cult classic (sound familiar "Firefly" fans?). Wray's good friend, Jack Moore (Fillion), who co-starred on the TV series, goes on to become a big celebrity, while Wray continues to struggle to find his big break. "Con Man" will take a cue from the convention circuit, highlighting the personalities and characters that thrive in the sci-fi community.

What shocked Fillion and Tudyk the most was how quickly they raised money for the project. Two days after last week's Indiegogo launch, the campaign broke records for the highest amount crowdfunded by a Web series in 24 hours and for the all-time highest crowdfunded Web series across all platforms. At last check, the campaign raised more than $2 million -- and there are still 25 days left.

Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk - "Con Man" "Con Man"

"We're surprised that the fans have been so immediate in their response -- so fast," Fillion told CBS News.

In the years since Fox canceled their space sci-fi drama "Firefly," Fillion and Tudyk have become quite acclimated to the comic book convention circuit. The sci-fi duo soon realized the passion fans had for their short-lived TV series, which premiered in 2002 and was scrapped after just 11 of the 14 episodes had aired.

"Nathan and I have been going to conventions for years now and we've seen the enthusiasm from fans...They are actual people that you've met, hugged, taken pictures with -- answered questions and talked to," said Tudyk.

"When I go to conventions, fans are excitable, they are happy to see me. When Alan goes to conventions it's very much the same reaction -- if not, just a little less probably," Fillion joked.

"That's fair," Tudyk chimed in.

"But when we're together, the excitement is exponential. And I think this Indiegogo campaign is perhaps a reflection of that...Together we are strong, and that is now our new motto," Fillion, 43, said laughing. "I think people are excited to see us together because 'together' is how most of them know us -- through 'Firefly.'"

What people may not know, though, is that these two actually hang out together in "real life."

"We're together more than people realize," said Fillion, also star of the TV series, "Castle."

"We haven't been able to work together a lot since 'Firefly.' So this is our opportunity to do that and not only that -- it's within the convention world," said Tudyk, who's writing, producing and starring in "Con Man."

A lot is in store for the Web series, they say.

Alan Tudyk "Con Man"

"We're going to end up on a spaceship now," Tudyk said. "We are going to do all 12 episodes that I wrote and you're going to be able to see us on a spaceship in space." And now with the extra money raised (their goal was just $425,000), Tudyk and Fillion may be able to spend another day shooting on the spaceship.

Each episode will last about 10-12 minutes. Filming will get underway in June, and they hope to have something to "show people" by July.

"Now that we're going to be doing those [spaceship] episodes there's going to be some special effects that are going to take a little bit of work....Now that people are still pledging money and we've gone beyond our goals there are things that were cut out that we can shoot now."

Tudyk, 44, says the idea for "Spectrum" -- the sci-fi show within "Con Man" -- is based on a book currently being written by novelist PJ Haarsma -- who also serves as their co-producer.

"He's written four other novels called 'The Soft Wire.' And the idea of 'Spectrum' was a prequel to those other novels," said Tudyk.

With that, they plan to enhance that story-within-a-story "universe."

"Because of that [the book] we have a whole universe that is already laid out there. One chapter is written and with this extra money, we can make comic books to tell that story. There's a lot of ways it can go. It's a big world and if the fans are into it, it can just keep growing," he said.

They plan to incorporate the convention spirit into the series, too.

"A lot of conventions -- they're parties. You have celebrities that you don't see, then you see them as the super-people they were. When you have actors in the green room and you see The Hulk, 'I Dream of Jeannie' and a wrestler and someone from 'Grim' cock your head to the side just trying to understand it," Tudyk said.

Some of the celebrity Comic-Con regulars, for example, are going to make their way into the Web series, including Sean Maher, Gina Torres, James Gunn, Seth Green, Felicia Day and Amy Acker.

Nathan Fillion "Con Man"

"We have a lot of friends in the sci-fi world who have so much success -- who are gracious enough to help us out with this project. We're thinking with all of the attention the project is getting now and the incredible success of the Indiegogo campaign, we might even be able to get to some people we don't know," said Fillion.

Like Shatner perhaps? There's been a bit of a Twitter movement to get the "Star Trek" actor to come on board.

"I don't know his schedule, but I thought that was a great idea that those fans had," Tudyk said.

"I would love to see any cast of any 'Star Trek,'" added Fillion.

Or maybe even actors from "The Walking Dead," Fillion pointed out, before realizing the cast's shooting schedule will probably conflict with "Con Man."

"We'll just take all their dead guys," joked Tudyk. "They're dropping like flies!"

Regardless of who joins the upcoming series, Tudyk and Fillion are just excited to climb aboard the spaceship.

"I can't wait to get to making them," said Tudyk.

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