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Nathan Delaplain-Zook Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Teens Hit by Minivan

Nathan Delaplain-Zook (CBS/WBZ)

ROCKLAND, Mass. (CBS/WBZ) Eighteen-year-old Nathan Delaplain-Zook is facing attempted murder charges after police say he hit and dragged three teenage girls and a teenage boy with a minivan Monday afternoon in Rockland, Mass., and then took off.

Rockland Fire Chief Robert Dipoli told CBS affiliate WBZ that he was called to the scene and immediately saw three girls lying on the ground. Dipoli said a teenage boy approached him and said a white minivan had intentionally hit the group.

Police say two of the girls sustained life-threatening injuries, with one of them taken to Children's Hospital in Boston. One of the other girls is at another Boston hospital, and the other two victims are at a hospital in Brockton.

"One of the girls was crying saying she was going to die," said Kevin Johnson, who called 911. "Her leg was broken. The other girl was crying, all cut up and not moving, and the other girl was crying too."

One of the victims is ninth grader Alyssa Gillolly. Her mother told WBZ that her daughter's injuries are serious. "It will be a long, tough recovery," she said.

Authorities said Monday night that they had interviewed 15 teenagers who were involved, and that there was a fight planned for the spot where the hit-and-run happened.

Police say there were six other teenage boys in the van and they may also face charges.

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