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Natalie Munroe, Pa. teacher who blogged about students, gets fired

Natalie Munroe AP Photo/Matt Rourke
(CBS) DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - Natalie Munroe, the Pennsylvania high school teacher who blogged about her students, calling them "lazy whiners" among other things, was fired Tuesday, CBS Philly reported.

At Tuesday night's Central Bucks School District board meeting, Munroe was dismissed from her position as an English teacher at Central Bucks East High School. A few days earlier, she sued the district, claiming it violated her 1st amendment rights to free speech.

When Munroe's blog was discovered by studentse in early 2011, it garnered national attention.

The school board president claimed Munroe's termination was not related to her blog, but rather her classroom performance, CBSPhilly reported.

"Ms. Munroe's lawsuit against the district asserts that she was an excellent teacher and given excellent ratings. Nothing could be further from the truth, said School Board President Paul Faulkner at Tuesday night's meeting. "Ms. Munroe was, at best, a satisfactory teacher and was experiencing performance difficulties well before her blog became an issue," he said.

Munroe's lawyer, Steven Rovner, begged to differ.

Her termination "is a result of what she said in her blog which is protected speech," he said. "[The District] spent the whole year setting her up to fail," Rovner said.

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